re-assigning keystrokes to a function

Hi. I'm a longtime user of WP, working on a new-ish HP laptop with 12 GB RAM, Win 10 latest updates.

I'm a writer and I use a lot of line breaks <Ln Brk>  instead of paragraph breaks (<HRt>). The standard WP assignment to insert a line break is <cntr>-<shft>-L, which is kludgy, but I'm used to it. However, now Radeon has usurped that key-combo, and I'd like to finally re-assign a new key-combo to <Ln Brk>, preferably <shft>-<enter>. However, currently that key-combo simply inserts a paragraph break, <HRt>. How do un-assign that key-combo and re-assign it to line-break <Ln Brk>? I've gone to Settings-Customize-Keyboards-Edit, but that's as far as I can get. I don't see any way to assign or re-assign key-combos using the shift key.

Steve Berer

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