WP X6 - Help opening a possibly corrupted file showing up as blank?

I have a large file that would not open. After running some utilities, it will now open but shows up as blank.

Any ideas on how to recover the text?

When trying to open the file initially, I did the following:

X Retrieve method
WPLOOK.exe - ran Repair, also tried extracting text to a .txt file

The file then opened as blank.

I attempted to open in QuattroPro and save without metadata as well.

Nothing is having any effect.

The only problem encountered while working with this file was that when a photo was added (one of many), the file appeared to crash but then recovered as "unmodified."    I'm not sure what is causing the file to now be blank.

There are no backups of the original file, but we have made copies of the possibly corrupted file so that we can manipulate one as needed.

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