Clipart paths

My C: drive is a SSD so I install most of my apps to the D: drive, WorkdPerfect Office X6 included. When I installed WPX6's included clipart, I put it on my data drive E: in the CorelClipart folder. In WP's Files Settings I set the graphics folder to E:/CorelClipart..

When I try to insert a clipart image, all the images in the Scrapbook have a red X on them . When I select one, I'm told "The file doesn't exist: d:\Program Files (x86)\Core\Wordperfect Office X6\Graphics\Clipart\folder\image.wpg"

WP keeps trying to find the clipart in a subfolder below the program's folder on the D: drive instead of in E:\CorelClipart where I told it to look in the File Settings. What's more, there's no option n the Scrapbook to change the folder path.

How do I convince WP to look in E:\CorelClipart?