Dictating Directly into WP7 with Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 or 13

I gather from forum posts that people had problems with Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) and WP5. As a new user of WordPerfect, I find that I cannot dictate at all with DNS into WP7. Instead DNS's Dictation Box opens from which the user must copy and paste into WP. Or, of course, I could use the DNS DragonPad to dictate, save it as an RTF and then open in WP7 I assume.

Neither of these alternatives is the most efficient use of time. I have made sure that in the DNS settings, the Recognize WordPerfect commands box is checked.

Anyone have any suggestions for making this work?


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  • I have been using Dragon Dictate and WordPerfect X7, and most of the time they work together alright. Occasionally Dragon will not load the WordPerfect script that enables you to dictate into WordPerfect, and you have to use the Dictation Box. I have the same problem with Word 2016, so I think that this is a Dragon problem, and there may not be a solution. As others have mentioned Nuance support is not very good. 

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