strange Activate Now message keeps appearing

I have had Corel X5 installed on my  computer for over three years.  Suddenly, about six months ago, I started receiving an Activate Now" message when I closed a Quatro Pro document. I never received it before.  The software works all right, but this is annoying.   I installed the software from a disk, and never used a Trial copy.

I have tried everything to solve this.  Thank you to anyone that can help.  It seems that others have had similar problems.

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  • This typically means that the product registration / activation data on your system has become damaged. Normally, the solution is to remove and reinstall WordPerfect Office.

    In this case QuattroPro is still working, so I'm inclined to advise leaving it as is despite the annoyance. My worry is that if the removal / reinstallation doesn't go as expected for any reason, your support options would be very limited. This is because WordPerfect Office X5 is a legacy product which is not eligible for some types of support.
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