Light grey group boxes created with the Dialog Editor are hardly visible in Windows 8 (and 10)

Since upgrading to Windows 8.1, I have noted a major difficulty when creating dialogs with the PerfectScript Dialog Editor. The lines that start from both sides of the text in group boxes and create a frame, which in Windows XP, for instance, appear as grooves (inset), are almost impossible to see. In X4 under Windows 8.1, the lines are light grey on light blue, and in X7 under Windows 8.1 as light grey on another shade of light grey. With X7, group boxes are next to invisible, and this makes boxes very difficult to create in the editor.

The source of the problem lies with Windows, which now uses a grey background for its dialog boxes. But Microsoft, in its wisdom, has decided to remove the "Advanced Appearance Settings" that let users modify the colours of all the elements of the interface. (See <> for an extended discussion.) As far I as know, the problem still exists with Windows 10. It is therefore not possible (unless one finds a way to modify the registry) to solve the problem. One solution would be to use horizontal lines, and this is what we now see in WordPerfect's dialog boxes (I cannot say starting with which version). However, creating these lines in the Dialog Editor is extremely difficult, as the lines themselves are almost invisible. Fortunately, using horizontal lines in dialog boxes appear to group the buttons in the same way as group boxes do, for they are essential to create groups of mutually exclusive choices.

Since it does not appear to be possible to include attachments in posts on this forum, I am linking to an image I have posted on WordPerfect Universe at <>.

It would surely be much appreciated by macro writers if Corel offered a solution to the visibility of group boxes in the next service pack.

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