Printing selected QuickWords

I'm using WP 14 on Windows 10.

The kind of document I am creating is a dialogue between a number of persons and I have created a list of over 600 Quick Words containing the speakers' initials, to make typing the dialogue quicker.

I already have used the macro which will automatically print my full list of QuickWords but this prints the entire list.

Is there a macro available which only prints out a list of the QuickWords which have been used in the current document? If the QuickWord appears more than once in the document, I only want the print out to display it once.

I will then use this print out at the end of my document to give the reader the key to initials of the various speakers.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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  • QuickWords are stored in their own special template (see ), not in the current document. Hence you would need a macro that can find each (unexpanded) QuickWord in the current document and list them.

    If the QWs were created in a standard format -- e.g., all QuickWord abbreviations are preceded with a "trigger character" (as explained on the above linked page) -- a custom macro could recognize them and then extract them, and also remove duplicates. But this requires knowledge of your custom QW format -- at the very least. HOWEVER...

    One way you might be able to do it is to use a macro that produces an alphabetical list of all unique words in the document. See, for example, my WordList macro at . Once the list is created you can then block-remove the remaining (unwanted) words from that list. You should then have the list of just the QW abbreviations.

    [Tip: Since this is a separate document from your current document, you could make a _copy_ of it and use the WordPerfect shipping macro EXPNDALL.WCM (<-note the spelling) on that separate document to expand the QW abbreviations into your character names. The two documents could then be manually combined to create a Glossary of Terms (i.e., your "key" to the initials. For more on expanding all QuickWords: ]

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