More thorough localisation in non-US versions

I can only speak for the English-language versions of WPO, since I have no experience of WP in other languages, but there are still aspects of the program that aren't adequately localised, even in X8, and I'm having trouble getting Corel to care.  (It's made very clear anyone outside North America is most definitely in the cheap seats.)  For instance:

Templates and Projects:  All the templates and projects included with the suite are formatted with US spelling and terminology, US language codes and for US paper sizes, even when the program is installed as EN-AU, NZ, SA or UK.  In many cases this makes them not worth using, since reformatting and replacing the defaults is often more trouble than creating ones anew with the correct paper, spacing, wording and language codes.  I offered to Corel to send them non-US-formatted versions of all the default templates, if they could adapt the program to install the correct language versions, but I never even got a reply.  Huh.

QuickCorrect:  A lot of the entries in tools like QuickCorrect will "correct" words to the US spelling.  It can be manually modified, but it would make far more sense for it to be localised in the default installation.

Units of measurement:  The underlying unit of measurement of the program should be set by regional setting in the installation, or preferably by the option in Settings/Display, but it isn't.  Even if you choose centimetres as the default, the program still uses inches in many aspects -- for instance, margins are set to 2.54 centimetres (one inch) and tab stops to 1.27 centimetres (half an inch).  Both of these are nonsense in a metric system.  Other layout features are also based on inches -- columns default to a half-inch margin between, footnote spacing and separators and image and table spacing and margin defaults are all based on inches, albeit expressed in centimetres.  Typesetting tools like Advance do take note of the chosen unit of measurement and margin settings in the document style, so it can be done.  It's obviously not a deal-killer, especially since such measurements can be manually changed, but any designer will tell you that visual harmony of a layout derives from spacing based on related units of measure, and I'm all for WordPerfect looking as classy as it is.

And no doubt there are other examples I haven't immediately thought of here.  It makes sense to me for the program to do this on installation, based on your locale, rather than having every single English-language user outside the US doing this manually on every installation they have.  And as I say, I don't have enough experience of WP in other languages to know for sure, but no doubt some of those have similar issues.  (For instance, do the Spanish language versions all default to US measurements and words because they're tailored for Spanish people within the US?  I wouldn't be surprised.)

I've started another thread about spelling checker issues, so I won't repeat that here.

Corel, please consider this.  If it adds anything, I'm more than willing to help.  (And btw, I worked for WPCorp from the days of WP 5.0 for DOS until Corel rescued it from a misguided Novell, and it's remained my word processor of choice ever since, so I do know my way around the program.)